Mental health is a frequently-discussed issue, but did you know it’s only one part of the picture? When people struggle with mental health disorders or substance abuse, they often need help in multiple areas of their lives. That’s where behavioral health treatment comes in. 

Behavioral health treatment programs take a holistic approach that treats the whole person and is an effective method of recovery. Let’s discover how it all works so you know what to expect. 

What Is Behavioral Health?

Mental health and behavioral health are sometimes used interchangeably, but behavioral health treatment isn’t limited to mental health services. 

Think of behavioral health as an umbrella. Under that umbrella are mental health, physical health and social health. Behavioral health treatment is a holistic, inclusive approach that helps address more than one area of a person’s life to promote a healthy, conscious lifestyle. 

It treats mental health disorders and substance abuse while also considering a person’s social well-being and physical health. For instance, a person may have depression but also struggle with building healthy relationships. In addition to counseling, they may get help building social skills. If they have poor eating habits, nutritional coaching may be incorporated into their recovery.

Ultimately, behavioral health treatment is about helping someone find well-being in all areas of life to best support their recovery.

What Is the Purpose of Behavioral Health Treatment? 

Behavioral health treatment is used to help treat and prevent mental illnesses, substance abuse and addictions. A combination of approaches may be used, such as group therapy, psychiatric counseling and medications. 

The focus is to help people change behaviors, daily habits, perspectives, actions and emotions as they walk down the road of recovery. This holistic approach works to help people realize their potential, find purpose, embrace healthy habits, build community and cope with stress effectively. 

Types of Behavioral Health Treatment Services

Since behavioral health treatment is holistic, a variety of approaches may be used to treat an individual. A person’s lifestyle, family history, environment and mental health conditions will all factor into their treatment. 

Each approach is unique to the individual and can be facilitated in different ways, such as through an outpatient clinic or rehabilitation program. Types of behavioral health treatment approaches may include:

  • Relationship and family counseling
  • Addiction counseling and rehabilitation
  • Nutrition and exercise coaching
  • Prescriptive medication
  • Creative therapy, such as art, music or crafts
  • Group therapy and community building
  • Goal setting and healthy habit formation
  • Skill building and positive reinforcement
  • Cognitive therapy

Learn About Lakeside’s Holistic, Behavioral Programs for Teen Boys

At Lakeside Academy, we understand the challenges you and your teen son have undergone with his mental health issues and substance abuse. That’s why we treat the whole person with a four-level behavior rehabilitation program. We provide licensed chemical dependency treatment, counseling services and onsite education in a healing camp environment. 

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